Thy Kingdom Come, pt. 7 – 10,000 Talents

We are relieved of the debt because we are washed in the blood of the Lamb.

Here ends our series on the Kingdom of God. Next week at Mass, we begin to hear from St. Paul’s letter to the Philippians and, unless the Spirit indicates otherwise, we will take a 4 week Bible Study through that short letter in the homilies at Mass.

Still working on the audio. This week, for the 8am Mass I just put my iPhone recording on the front pew; not too good of an idea. 🙁

It appears as though our usual problems result not from my mic but, as a good friend pointed out to me, from the gesticulations of my arms (Cajuns always talk with our hands.), which knock the mic into my throat, making the distorted noise. So, now I’m experimenting with the positioning of the mic so as to make that not happen. That didn’t work this week so I went with he lower-quality 8am recording, but hopefully next week we’ll be back on track.

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