Sancte Joseph, Custos Meus

a post in honor of St. Joseph on Wednesday, the day of the week often devoted to his honor

a post, also, which posts automatically while I’m on a short retreat (today until Saturday) – Please offer a bit of extra prayer through the intercession of the Holy Family that this, my first little retreat as a priest, may be most fruitful for me and for the people whom I am called to serve.


On March 8, 1990, I became a Christian…here. In this church, under the fatherly protection of St. Joseph, my parents and godparents professed faith in Jesus Christ on my behalf and I became a son of God, entering into the very life of the Trinity! Little did I know how much of a father St. Joseph would be to me, especially in recent months and years. Little did I know that he would teach me spiritual, virginal fatherhood as a priest. This morning, I had the tremendous blessing of celebrating a Votive Mass of St. Joseph in this very church, giving thanks to God for the blessings He has given me through St. Joseph’s intercession. Here are pictures from that church and the homily from that Mass.

O tender and strong guardian mine, St. Joseph, expand my heart by the anguish of love, by the grandeur of love, by the sweet silence of love. Make my heart, like yours, large enough to hold secure the Two Hearts and, in them, the hearts of each of my spiritual children: to hold secure the heart pierced by a sword that pushed through and pierced your own; the Heart crowned with thorns and a cross, both so heavy as to weigh down any heart; both alight with burning flames of love.