Abraham’s Trust – Homily at St. Rita Church

“[Abraham] believed the Lord; and he reckoned it to him as righteousness.”

(Genesis 15:6)


Thursday of the 5th week of Lent, 6 April 2017

I made a bit of a mistake on Abraham (Abram)’s timeline. Here is his correct timeline:

75 years old – Abram is called by God and departs for the Promised Land (Gen 12:1-4)

Sometime in this 11 years, God communicates with Abram again. Then…

when Abram is 86 years old – after 10 years of total waiting, Abram takes God’s promise into his own hands, having a child (Ishmael) with his wife’s maidservant Hagar. Abraham and Sarai are still waiting for the child promised to them (or maybe have given up).

99 years old – After 13 more years of waiting, God again speaks to Abram (Hebrew for “exalted father”) and renames him Abraham (Heb. “father of a multitude”).

100 years old – Isaac, the child promised, is born to Abraham and Sarah.