Entrustment to the Most Chaste Heart of St. Joseph

Last Monday, on the Solemnity of St. Joseph, Pope Francis said this:

“Today I want to ask [St. Joseph]: Grant to all of us the ability to dream, that when we dream great things, beautiful things, we might draw near to the dream of God, the things God dreams about us. [I ask] that [St. Joseph] might give to young people – because he was young – the capacity to dream, to risk, to undertake the difficult tasks they have seen in dreams. And [I ask] him to give to all of us the faithfulness that tends to grow when we have a just attitude – Joseph was just – [the faithfulness that] grows in silence, with few words; that grows in tenderness that guards our own weaknesses and those of others.” 

Today is the last day of March, the month dedicated to St. Joseph. Last weekend, I was given a prayer card with the following prayer, an Entrustment to the Most Chaste Heart of St. Joseph, which I prayed today and want now to share with you.

St. Joseph, you accepted your mission from God: to be the husband of Mary and the foster-father and guardian of Jesus. In the home at Nazareth and in your most chaste heart, there was no place for sin. Help us to imitate that purity of heart and act with resolve like you, when God calls. May the power of grace transform us to accept the reign of Christ in our own hearts. Inspire in us a strong devotion to your most chaste heart. In doing so, you promise to safeguard us in this life and console and defend us at the moment of death. St. Joseph, we trust in your intercession. You wait silently, always at hand and pleased to assist those who dedicate themselves to you. And at the end of our lives, may we enjoy and share your most privileged intimacy with Our Lady and the Blessed Trinity in heaven. Amen.

Mother Marie André, PCPA

Abbess of Our Lady of Solitude Monastery

Imprimatur:  Most Reverend Thomas J. Olmstead

Bishop of the Diocese of Phoenix