May I consecrate myself to St. Joseph if I’m already consecrated to Mary?

A few days ago, a wise man asked this question:

If I’ve consecrated myself to the blessed mother and turned over all my graces to her, her can I consecrate myself to St. Joseph? I have a great devotion to him but is consecration to him and Mother Mary the correct thing to do.

The short answer is “absolutely yes!

Here’s the longer answer:

Whether you can be consecrated to Jesus through St. Joseph if you’re already consecrated to Jesus through Mary is a great question! Fr. Michael Gaitley, MIC is the expert in all things Marian Consecration and he wrote that the Consecration to St. Joseph is “a perfect complement to Marian consecration, because of St. Joseph’s closeness to and love for Mary.


Why is consecration to St. Joseph not only “okay,” but even a complement to Marian consecration? I think there are two important reasons:


(1) Because every consecration (or, as some authors call it, “entrustment”) is really a consecration to Jesus which is simply a renewal of our Baptismal vows. We wouldn’t want to be too picky about our words here, but maybe we could say that what we’re really doing is entrusting ourselves to a particular saint to help us live more fully consecrated to Jesus.


(2) With Mary and Joseph, this is very clear. In the Incarnation, God entrusted Himself to both Mary and Joseph together. Following God’s own example in forming the Holy Family, then it is praiseworthy for us to, like Him, entrust ourselves to both Mary and Joseph.